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What makes our volunteer program unique?

Over 18 years ago, our Hunger Relief program was named The Walk of Love. When you sign up with the Walk of Love Club, then you, your family, church, business or other organization has an opportunity to share practical love to impact vulnerable children's lives and their parents. 


It has always been the heart of our mission to invite caring people to serve and deliver resources directly to the homes of the families. Over the years we have earned trust and credibility within inner city communities by gathering volunteer groups locally and from around the country to consistently bring love in action.


When children and parents see that you are sharing your precious time to serve them in person, they feel genuine encouragement that you love them. It affects the entire community. Active love is the most holy contagious asset in the Kingdom of Heaven, because God is love. 


What are volunteer duties?

Our Walk of Love Club volunteer program invites volunteers for a fun experience of packing bags of food, personal hygiene items and other necessities. Lead by our experienced team leaders, volunteers deliver the bags door to door to homes throughout Nashville's most impoverished communities. Volunteers can choose to only pack bags, only deliver bags or both pack and deliver. This door to door giveaway happens periodically throughout the year.

Every Saturday with a few exceptions, we have a Fresh Market Walk of Love, which includes fresh fruit and vegetables along with meats. Duties include set-up of canopies, tables, and other items for congregate giveaways, unloading food from trucks, bagging food, giving out food to residents and homeless individuals, and praying for oppressed families.


How to sign-up to volunteer.

Children of all ages are welcome at outside events under the supervision of their parents or guardians. 

Your help is needed! Once you sign-up to volunteer for any event on our UPCOMING EVENTS page, you will become a member on our volunteer force. We will contact you with volunteer opportunities throughout the year. 

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