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Who gets access to the food provided through the Walk of Love Club?

In many major cities in America, including Nashville, the State Housing Authorities house the largest communities of fatherless and at-risk children. In Nashville, the Housing Authority’s (MDHA) traditional Homes represent our city’s largest group of low-income homes. 

Our home base is located in the heart of Tennessee’s largest poverty-stricken inner-city community of 801 homes at Napier-Sudekum. We have served this community with truck-loads of supply for five years. Our strategic plan for 2021 is to schedule Walk of Love giveaways to all five areas bringing much needed food to thousands of children and families and simultaneously bringing awareness to the incredible need in these areas.  

People are hungry all over. We show no discrimination when giving food.

Though we supply entire communities with food and resources, we always bring extra food. If our volunteers have friends or family members in need of help, we give out extra food at the end of each Walk of Love giveaway. 


Do you serve additional communities?

Yes we do. It is part of our mission to expand to other areas needing aid, including rural areas. Expansion depends on the speed at which we grow the Walk of Love Club Sponsorship Program. 


How does the Walk of Love Sponsorship program work?

The Walk of Love Club pools your monthly sponsorship donation with that of other sponsors to obtain resources at a fraction of retail cost. It’s a fact that a $39 donation dedicated to a single mother with four children can’t go far, but when we pool the same $39 together with hundreds of sponsors like you, we can procure truck-loads of food, personal hygiene items (soap, shampoo, toilet tissue, deodorant), packaging, transportation of resources, temporary storage and educational resources. In this way all costs are met and an entire community of children and parents are served.


What about corporate and church donors?

Church and business donations have always been a welcomed benefit to our cause of serving inner-city families and area homeless individuals. Please pass the word to your company and church officials. 


How much may I give?

Our lowest suggested sponsorship amount is $39, but you may give whatever the Lord places in your heart to give. Your gift is never too little and never too much. As we gain more financial resources, we can serve children in more communities.


What makes our volunteer program unique?

Over 16 years ago, our Hunger Relief program was named The Walk of Love. When you sign up with the Walk of Love Club, we schedule times for you, your family, church, business or other organization to have a turn in directly serving the community. 


It has always been the heart of our mission to invite caring people to serve and deliver resources directly to the homes of the families. Over the years we have earned trust and credibility within the community by gathering volunteer groups locally and from around the country to consistently bring love in action.


When children and parents see that you are sharing your precious time to serve them in person, they feel genuine encouragement that you love them. It affects the entire community. Active love is the most holy contagious asset in the Kingdom of Heaven, because God is love. 


What are volunteer duties?

Over the last decade, we have learned the value of a strong volunteer base, which is necessary to manage the amount of supply needed for several thousand residents. Our volunteer coordinators are skilled in fun administrating of hunger relief activities, which includes room set-up, categorizing, sorting, prepping, bagging/boxing, counting, storing, and transporting food and supplies. 

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